Lucid changes to Firefox default search provider

Richard JOHNSON nixternal at
Thu Jan 28 21:08:05 GMT 2010

On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 11:51:05AM -0800, Bryce Harrington wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 07:53:03AM -0500, John Vivirito wrote:
> > We should really have it somewhere users can see it outside of
> > release note or at the very least we should offer a comment
> > that points to release notes. Not many users read release
> > notes so they would never know and end up reporting bugs. that
> > is a lot of bugs to triage and set invalid.
> No, the release notes is the right place.  We certainly don't want to
> get in the habit of "this bit of info is too important to risk users not
> seeing it, let's impose a popup!"  -- that way lies madness.

+1. This news has been on the planet, and I am sure there is more to come,
it is on this mailing list, it is hitting many tech news sites, it is being
tweeted and dented. I think those that actually care about this change have
either already voiced their opinion, or are planning on voicing it once
they have everything ready.

I honestly don't mind the change and wouldn't mind seeing other deals like
this struck with just more than Yahoo. Like I stated about the people who
actually care, they are the ones who are more than likely going to change
the default to what it is they use. I would like to see a deal with Yahoo,
Google, Ask, Bing and more. Yes, I said Bing. Ooh the big scary Microsoft,
and doing deals with the Devil. I feel that if we keep feeling like this,
we are keeping ourselves under this proverbial rock we have been under for
more than a decade. Yes, I love open source and free software, but if I
hear one more "Is Linux ready for the mainstream?" or "Is this the year of
the Linux desktop?" I am going to puke. Seeing as everyone of the hardware
manufacturers but a few that Ubuntu is being sold on, also have deals with
selling Microsoft (I know, that is beating a dead horse). Microsoft has
more deals than you can imagine, especially with the manufacturer of that
car you are driving, or the bicycle you are riding, or the government you
are supporting. If we keep this big bad devil attitude we might as well
just market Linux as a hobbiest platform. Marketing is a whole other ball
of wax that I won't even get into.

And to reiterate, as far as Yahoo being powered by Bing, that hasn't even
been approved yet, supposedly there were trials, but I have searched and
searched without any luck on finding such trials.

I think we have much larger fish to fry instead of sitting around pondering
this simple little change that has the potential to put a little bit of
money in Canonical's pocket. I think it is only fair they make some money,
seeing as they have sponsored many of us here for UDS or provided us with
some tools we need in order to complete a job. And so nobody mistakes this,
I have 0 ties to Canonical besides friendships and working in this
community, in other words, I am not employed by them and I am just like
many of you, a community member.

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