Analysis of 10 years of

Martin Pool mbp at
Thu Jan 28 11:48:42 GMT 2010

2010/1/26 Karl Fogel <karl.fogel at>:

>>Is anyone up for doing (or arranging) a similar analysis of Ubuntu bugs?
> I'm planning to do something similar, but to do it right -- usefully --
> will be non-trivial, so it's going to be after my current coding
> rotation on the Launchpad Bugs Team, which ends in a couple of months.
> (This rotation is suggesting various better ways to measure anyway.)

jml has some api client code towards this in <lp:~jml/+junk/bugstats>
in case someone wants to have a poke at it.  It probably doesn't scale
to doing the whole of Ubuntu.

Martin <>

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