Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Wed Jan 27 14:21:19 GMT 2010

On Wednesday 27 January 2010 09:03:35 am Stefan Potyra wrote:
> Hi,
> FeatureFreeze is less than a month away, so the discussion over
> restaffing the current MOTU Release team, which is a short of members
> [1], brought up the topic how best to deal with release decisions in
> light of Permissions Reorg.
> I've (only) talked to Daniel so far and we came up with the following
>  possible alternatives:
>  - Flavours like Kubuntu can approve their own members, so it would
>    make sense to let them make decisions in terms of freeze exceptions
>    too. (The MOTU Release team had delegates of various teams that
>    made decisions, which worked out well.)
>  - Merge motu-release and ubuntu-release? Add team members of the
>    "flavours" to ubuntu-release to form kind of a "release
>    taskforce"?
>  - Just drop motu-release and let ubuntu-release make the decisions?
motu-sru and ubuntu-sru merged into a single team.  I've had a couple of 
conversations with people in terms of doing something simllar with motu-
release and ubuntu-release.  I think it's the right answer.  So far it's been 
a matter of finding time to talk with everyone about it and decide what should 
be done.

Scott K

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