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FeatureFreeze is less than a month away, so the discussion over
restaffing the current MOTU Release team, which is a short of members 
[1], brought up the topic how best to deal with release decisions in
light of Permissions Reorg.

I've (only) talked to Daniel so far and we came up with the following possible 

 - Flavours like Kubuntu can approve their own members, so it would
   make sense to let them make decisions in terms of freeze exceptions
   too. (The MOTU Release team had delegates of various teams that
   made decisions, which worked out well.)

 - Merge motu-release and ubuntu-release? Add team members of the
   "flavours" to ubuntu-release to form kind of a "release

 - Just drop motu-release and let ubuntu-release make the decisions?

 - < fill in you alternative >

The final question is: should we aim to resolve this for Lucid or should
it be for Lucid+1?

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