alsa-driver "crack of the day" available...

Brad Figg brad.figg at
Tue Jan 19 22:55:39 GMT 2010

alsa-driver "crack of the day" takes the daily snapshot produced by
Takashi Iwa and builds it for both Karmic and Lucid. The packages
are available from the Ubuntu Audio Development Team ppa. See:

The purpose of providing these packages is similar to why we
are providing mainline kernels. We want users to easily be
able to install and test the latest and greatest upstream code.
We will be able to see if bugs have already been fixed upstream,
only exist in Ubuntu, or exist in upstream as well as Ubuntu.

Overall the goal is to improve the quality of the audio experience
for Ubuntu users and this is a small step on that road.

Brad Figg brad.figg at

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