Upgrade Testing Checklist

Ara Pulido ara at ubuntu.com
Mon Jan 18 16:33:33 GMT 2010

Hello all,

As you know, LTS releases are seen as an opportunity to upgrade to a
newer system with a longer life cycle. We are, therefore, expecting a
lot of people upgrading from Hardy and Karmic to Lucid.

As we all know, upgrade testing can be hard, as different hardware
configurations and different system status (installed packages,
configuration files) can lead to different problems.

We want to get as many people as possible to run upgrades during Beta 1
and Beta 2 and report back any bugs they may find.

To reach as many people as possible, I am setting up a simple checklist
wiki page of things to check after an upgrade that might break.


If you are developing a feature to be released in Lucid, or you are
aware of new features that need to be tested or you can think of any
potential regressions, please, add it to the wiki page above, to make
sure that it gets tested during upgrade testing.

Thanks in advance,

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