Ubuntu Mobile meeting minutes from 2010-01-05

Jamie Bennett jamie.bennett at canonical.com
Fri Jan 8 16:03:16 GMT 2010


Here are the minutes of this week's mobile team meeting. They can also 
be found online along with the irc log and weekly team report here:


= Agenda =

== Action Items from December 22nd, 2009 ==
  * cooloney to ask ericm about 2.6.32 patches for marvell dove
  * NCommander to email Marvell about the date of the next expected 
kernel drop
  * asac, ogra, persia to make sure .32 backporting for imx51 kernels is 
documented somewhere (c/o)

== Current Items ==

  * http://piware.de/workitems/mobile/lucid-alpha2/report.html

== Standing Items ==

  * http://piware.de/workitems/mobile/lucid/report.html
  * ARM Image Status
  * Any Other Business

== Action Items ==
  * NCommander to invite relevant kernel people to the next meeting.
  * asac, ogra, persia to make sure .32 backporting for imx51 kernels is 
documented somewhere (c/o).
  * ogra, asac, NCommander to blog on planet about ARM work.
  * Work item review
   * ALL, check work items due for Alpha-2 and either complete, postpone 
or push to Alpha-3.
   * asac, JamieBennett to discuss MIR stalling for 2D launcher.
   * asac to report on Chromiums licensing issue progress.

== Minutes ==
  * asac, ogra, and persia agreed to meet to discuss getting the non 
arch specific features of the current kernel backported to the .31 
kernel if it was deemed worthwhile.
  * ericm got a kernel drop from Marvell and is currently working on 
re-basing it. Initial indications from ericm are that the new re-based 
kernel could be read this week. ericm pointed out that the Marvell 
branch is held at 
  * There is currently a backlog of team work items for Alpha-2. asac 
urged the team to check specs, try to complete or push them back to 
Alpha-3/postpone them where necessary. ogra pointed out that we still 
have until Monday to close work items and that at least his would be in 
better shape then.
  * NCommander noted that we should have working alternates for Alpha2, 
although at the moment the dove variant is broken during kernel 
installation. There was some discussion on whether we should be testing 
alternates or not due to a lack of man power. The conclusion was that we 
would produce the images but not officially support them.
  * asac asked what the status of the debconf-communicate slowness in 
Casper was. JamieBennett said that there was multiple solutions but one 
stood out as the best.
  * asac asked when all-pairs testing could be done. plars replied that 
the test pairs are generated and documented on the wiki but detail for 
them needs to be written on the qa testplan wiki. He went on to explain 
that the pairs were generated programatically and had to be translated 
manually into corresponding items.
  * ogra indicated that the uboot spec was on target for being completed 
by the weekend.
  * JamieBennett raised concern that some MIR's for the 2D launcher were 
stalled. asac agreed to discuss them after the meeting.
  * asac outlined the status of his spec's, thumb work items are review 
based ones so will be done at the end, chromium is on track after some 
hard work and suspend-resume testing was mostly moved to Alpha-3. 
Discussion petered off on to chromiums licensing issues with asac 
indicating that he was working on it.
  * StevenK said that he was planning to break armel images by getting 
them built as the UNE (Ubuntu Netbook Edition) this week. asac raised 
concern that we should keep the desktop image until at least Alpha-2 
release so we have a working image. StevenK agreed. Discussion continued 
on what will be the final image for ARM devices, UNE with the 2D 
launcher was decided to be the main focus.
  * asac mentioned that he had gone through the FTBFS (Fail to build 
package list) and assigned them to either NCommander or dyfet for 
fixing. NCommander said he had uploaded a fix for ocaml and was thanked 
for it. Discussion continued on where the focus should be on the FTBFS 
list, it was concluded that main should be FTB free if possible and 
universe should be too but focus was on main if a conflict arose.
  * A more community engaged approach to testing was discussed. As the 
community generally don't have the hardware to test many of our issues 
it is quite hard. More blogging and general publicising of what we do is 
needed. ogra pointed to a post at his blog, 
that indicates some engagement is happening but asac wanted more. ogra, 
asac and NCommander took the action to blog about ARM work.

Jamie Bennett
Ubuntu Mobile Developer

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