feedback: installation lucid on my laptop

Michael Wahlbrink michael.wahlbrink at
Sun Feb 21 08:21:31 GMT 2010

Yesterday i've tried to install lucid on my notebook (thinkpad T61 with
Nvidia Quadro NVS 140M graphics). I've installed it via the live image,
because I need during the installation, and i didn't get managed it to
get this work with the alternate disk (my preferred way, because of the
lvm support). First I tried the daily image. But if lucid switches in
graphic mode (X starts) the show was over.... just some colored pixels
all over the sceen... :( I was able to change the caonsoles but there
was no activated one... The short end was I've used alpha2 successfully
to install lucid on the thinkpad. There must been a change between
alpha2 and the daily from yesterday. Should I file a bug (against
what?)? Or should I do further testing? Or is this already known and
will be resolved soon, so its only useless double information which we
all can forget ;-)


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