bluez-gstreamer not seeded via desktop-common anymore

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Feb 22 21:13:13 GMT 2010

Hello Harald,

Harald Sitter [2010-02-22 21:47 +0100]:
> As of bluez 4.60-0ubuntu3 [1] the package bluetooth (appearing as bluez-utils 
> in the desktop-common seed) does not longer depend on bluez-gstreamer.

This seems a bit too quick a change to me. The purpose of
"bluetooth" is to be a metapackage which "provides all of the
different plugins supported by the Bluez bluetooth stack.".

I think a better solution is to explicitly seed bluez-alsa instead
(bluez-cups is already explicitly seeded), and then additionally seed
bluez-gstreamer in the GNOMEish variants, as you suggested.

I did that seed change in desktop-common now:

as well as explicitly seeded bluez-gstreamer in ubuntu and netbook:

Can you please revert the bluez upload, to get back to the original
purpose of the metapackage?



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