Process for handlng fakesyncs

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Sat Feb 13 18:43:34 GMT 2010

Emmet Hikory [2010-02-14  2:54 +0900]:
> 1) The term "fakesync" is only to be used when applying Debian
> packaging to an Ubuntu tarball when a sync would fail and adding a
> single changelog entry

That's a good idea. Other usages, like uploading a VCS snapshot are
confusing, and not really "syncs".

> 2) A fakesync should use a revision of "-Xfakesync", and appropriate
> tools should understand the semantics of this revision to perform sync
> or merge correctly

This seems like a good idea. This regularly confuses me as well.

> 3) Prior Ubuntu changelog entries should be dropped when performing a fakesync

Agreed, otherwise it wouldn't be a sync.
> 4) There needs to be some review and clarification on the use of
> source-maintainer-mangling for fakesyncs and rebuilds

My common sense tells me that we should keep the Debian diff.gz as-is
(except for the single "fake sync" changelog entry), including the
Maintainer field.


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