Reviewing bugs with patches

Brian Murray brian at
Thu Feb 11 20:32:12 GMT 2010

In an effort to address the volume of unfixed bugs with patches we have
created an Ubuntu Review Team[1] for reviewing them. I’ve written a
launchpadlib script that is subscribing the team to any bugs with
patches where the patch has been added after February 1st. Depending on
the throughput of that queue we will start subscribing the team to older
patches. You can view the bugs the team is currently subscribed in

The team is also setup with a mailing list[3] for receiving bug mail. By
subscribing to the mailing list you will receive notification of these
bugs with patches. The process for handling these bug reports is being
documented (its a work in progress as we encounter different types of
bugs) in the Ubuntu wiki[4].

And of course there are graphs[5] to track the progress of the queues.
Please help to make Ubuntu even better by reviewing these patches and
adding them to the proper queue for sponsoring!


Thanks everyone!

Brian Murray                                       
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