[dev] gui and alike changes

q0k q0k.character at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 11:19:34 GMT 2010

Dear developers,

I want to contribute my idea: please make any change an option.

For example, you shouldn't make Yahoo the default search engine like
you plan in 10.4
Instead, you should pop out a dialogue: "which is your preferred
search engine?" during or soon after the installation. Of course I can
change it later, but it's annoying to encounter a hateful thing which
you are expected to start using rich away. No, I definitely think that
first time usage of a service requires its setup, some dialogues at
first run.

For example, you replaced two package management systems (one of them
was "add/remove programs", the other I don't remember) with one
"Software Center". I haven't installed Ubuntu yet... I don't know
whether I can install the older package managers instead of the new
one; but the new one Center is too shiny, as I saw from its
descriptions, screen-shots and videos.

With any new change you make, please think where to place a check-box
for it, especially when it is an edge case.

Thank you!

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