PHP 5.3 for Lucid

Emmet Hikory persia at
Tue Feb 9 22:51:39 GMT 2010

Kees Cook wrote:
> Mathias Gug wrote:
>> Right. There are a couple of php packages (drupal, joomla, etc...)
>> currently in Lucid that are not working with 5.3. These would have to
>> be ported to 5.3 before we release.
> Joomla isn't in Ubuntu, and drupal (universe) should not block php (main).

    I thought the fridge used drupal.  While I generally agree that we
shouldn't block a transitoin based on one stubborn package, I'd hope
we'd be able to upgrade our shared infrastructure to the next LTS
without needing to deploy an entirely new platform.  I agree entirely
about joomla, but someone ought port drupal prior to release if the
transition goes ahead.


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