PHP 5.3 for Lucid

Chuck Short zulcss at
Tue Feb 9 16:59:54 GMT 2010


Recenty the Debian PHP 5.3 packages entered unstable, which means that 
the next release of Debian will have PHP 5.3 for their next release. 
This means that Ubuntu would be the last modern distrobution that I know 
would still being 5.2

What this means to Ubuntu is the following:

If we stay with PHP 5.2:
 * The status quo remains but we diverge from Debian, which means we are 
maintaining or own version.
 * If PHP applications synchronize from Debian we still have to make 
them work with PHP 5.
 * More stability

If we move to PHP 5.3:
 * The debian maintainers are relaying on the individual package 
maintainers to do the transition, which means some applications (such as 
drupal, joomla, etc) can break
 * We synchronize with Debian more easily.
 * Easier PHP maintenance for the Ubuntu Server Team.

Note: its not possible to install php 5.2 and 5.3 side by side.

Quite frankly Im still sitting on the fence with this and want to 
solicit people's opinions on the subject.


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