Package Sets and Sponsoring

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Tue Feb 9 10:17:25 GMT 2010

Hello everybody,

with some help of James Westby, I ported the sponsoring overview to make
use of package sets yesterday:

1. So in the "origin" column you will see which package set a bug comes
from (and branches once the branch for bug 411357 has landed). Ignore
the '-' for now, they are component mismatches or packages for stable

2. We changed the highlighting of people's names in the "last comment"
column to be a) bold for developers who can upload the package, b)
italics for developers who can't upload the package and c) normal for
non-members of ~ubuntu-dev.

If you want to fix something in the overview, the code is here:

In the second part of my mail, I'd like to suggest to collapse the
ubuntu-universe-sponsors and ubuntu-main-sponsors teams into one
(ubuntu-sponsors). With the advent of package sets and permissions
changes this model just doesn't make sense any more and it makes the
process unnecessarily complicated.

Please let me know what you think.

Have a great day,

PS: And please help out with sponsoring! The list is much too long!

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