Ubuntu Versions

Michael Bruttel m.bruttel at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 15:08:19 GMT 2010

I recently tried to updgrade from Jaunty to 9.10

The ubpgrade installation went ok but:

Slower start with a "fancy" login, I liked the look and feel of jaunty
much better. Boottime increased from 35 to 1Minute 10Sec under 9.10.

IBM Thinkpad T40p Ati 9000.
3d Screensavers with good performance, but crash every second time ?

I think stability is much more important than superfast boottimes
anyway. Jaunty for me was a leap forward, 9.10 is no improvement for me.
I hope you take Jaunty again, and try to really improve that. 

What I would like to see, is a "cleaned up menu navigation, which works
with categories and does not dropdown the whole List right away for
example in preferences, which I find disturbing. 

What I liked in OSX and Windows is the possibility to navigate through
menus of the system over an explorerlike window. 

Don't fool yourself and think you bring out a new OS-version every year,
users like me get annoyed to install software that has new bugs every
season, thats rubbish. Take your time have a break overthink it, maybe
in an interval of three years, then come out with a great new product.
Look at Microsoft, between 2002 and now they didnt manage to bring out a
great new version, it took them 7 or 8 years and those development crews
and resources are slightly bigger than yours I guess.

I am completely happy with a really improved Version in the beginning of
2013. I would also like to be a Betatester when I see interesting
innovation of ubuntu. But I dont't like to be a Betatester of a final
Version Anymore. 
Again Jaunty was a really a great OS and its a pitty you only support it
until the end of this Year, i am a bit pissed off. 
I think, an OS should surviva a PC-lifecycle which I would say is 4
Years, so like XP, a good OS survives this period, or something is not
well engineered. I am not impressed by faster startuptimes by a few
seconds at all, what counts is Stability Stability and again Stability
in every respect, which means, you cant change the System every year and
think all The Hardware will work with it every time a new version comes
By the way people get annoyed, there is no point in changing your System
every year, maybe 3 thats ok for me, AMEN. 

Many thanks to the guys who fixed the Atheros wireless. 
And never forget the people with low-end Systems.




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