Patch Pilot report 2010-12-06

Kees Cook kees at
Mon Dec 6 23:55:36 GMT 2010


I managed to clear the following from the Sponsorship Queue today:

   reviewed, updated DEP3 formatting, and changelog formatting. Approved
   review, merged bzr, built/tested, uploaded, thanks to ari-tczew and

   reviewed, determined to actually need a sync, not a merge, thanks to
   ari-tczew, zul, and jdstrand.

   Ubuntu will carry upstart delta, reviewed, built/tested, uploaded.

   Reviewed, isn't ready for integration into Ubuntu. Needs to be examined
   by the Desktop team.

   Reviewed, requested sync from jdstrand.

   Reviewed, not a valid bug in packaging.

   Reviewed, comments, flipped back to incomplete.

   Reviewed, marked for merge approval, actually merged.

   Reviewed, seems like a potentially dangerous change based on feedback.

   Reviewed, looks good, was already tested, wrote changelog, merged,
   converted to cdbs patch, built, uploaded.


Kees Cook
Ubuntu Security Team

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