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Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Tue Aug 17 19:29:23 BST 2010

"Christoph Witzany" <mail at> wrote:

>On 08/17/2010 12:37 PM, Stephan Hermann wrote:
>> On Monday, August 16, 2010 05:52:38 pm Martin Pitt wrote:
>>> Stephan Hermann [2010-08-16 16:46 +0200]:
>>>> So, we are pushing those "non-permanent" applications to ubuntu and we
>>>> (as in ubuntu) take care, that this doesn't destroy our distro?
>>> Hm, I think this misunderstanding keeps appearing here: The entire
>>> point of those apps are that we _don't_ have to include them all into
>>> Ubuntu.
>> ra
>While I think it would be wise to make this software clearly 
>distinguishable from Ubuntu(Community) supported applications (maybe by 
>another Category like the partner repository), I do not think that the 
>hosting by Ubuntu/Canonical matters too much.
>Likewise in the Android market nobody would blame Google for strangely 
>behaving apps and there is no strict QA or other authorization process 
>(IPhone ...) in place.
We don't have the same kind of sandboxes in place, so the situations aren't directly comparable.

Scott K

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