ubuntu-devel Digest, Vol 72, Issue 20

Charlie Smotherman cjsmo at cableone.net
Mon Aug 16 19:43:30 BST 2010

> Imagine, for a moment, that you're a programmer considering a four-week
> contract from Warner Brothers in May 2011 to create the Ubuntu version
> of a screensaver for their latest movie. You're more of a Debian person
> yourself, and your employers have no problem with the screensaver
> working on other OSes too. They don't even mind if it's open-source.
> Their sole concern is getting the screensaver into Ubuntu Software
> Center, for Ubuntu 10.10 LTS and 11.04, before the movie's release in July.
> You start researching what it would take to get Ubuntu per-package
> upload permission for the screensaver package. You discover that, among
> other things, you'd need to create an Ubuntu wiki page containing such
> fun stuff as "Things I could do better" and "What I like least in
> Ubuntu", get three to five "endorsements" for your application,
> subscribe to a mailing list where you'd have to announce your
> application and answer questions about it, wait between one and two
> weeks for a Developer Membership Board meeting, work out how to use this
> "IRC" thing to attend the meeting (1500 UTC, sucks to be you if you're
> in Sydney), "show advocation and support of existing developers
> indicating that previous work on the package demonstrated that
> unsupervised upload is warranted", "have documented previous concern for
> the packages in question in Ubuntu, including previous uploads,
> effective bug management, and similar previous work", and "show a
> history of effective collaboration with other developers in Ubuntu".
The way I look at it you had to go through it, I had to go through it,
why should app developers be any different?

Well the app developer can come off of some of the money, pay me a
consulting fee and his/her app will be at the top of my TODO list.

I like making money to :)


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