Request For Candidates: Application Review Board

Andrew SB a.starr.b at
Mon Aug 16 17:10:02 BST 2010

On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 11:52 AM, Martin Pitt <martin.pitt at> wrote:
> Stephan Hermann [2010-08-16 16:46 +0200]:
>> So, we are pushing those "non-permanent" applications to ubuntu and we (as in
>> ubuntu) take care, that this doesn't destroy our distro?
> Hm, I think this misunderstanding keeps appearing here: The entire
> point of those apps are that we _don't_ have to include them all into
> Ubuntu.

Will the user understand this? If I understand this correctly, these
apps will be featured in the "What's New" section of software-center.
While we might feel that there is less responsibility on our side for
maintenance and QA as the apps "aren't a part of Ubuntu," to users
they will actually be presented more prominently than apps that are
part of Ubuntu.

- Andrew SB

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