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Am Freitag, den 16.04.2010, 11:55 +0200 schrieb Loïc Minier:
> Hey there
>  At the end of karmic we tried updating packages with awareness of the
>  Ubuntu dist names to prepare for lucid, such as debootstrap, devscripts
>  and such.  This made it easier to e.g. create lucid chroot in the early
>  weeks of lucid while people were still running karmic.  I saw this
>  started to happen with maverick preparations in lucid; great!  This is
>  my list of packages which need an update that I know of, and the type
>  of information they carry when I know it:
>     * bzr-builddeb
>     * debootstrap: only list of dists
>     * devscripts
>     * lintian
>     * pbuilder: only default dist
>     * ubuntu-dev-tools: both list of dists and default dist
>     * vim: only list of dists
>     * vm-builder: both list of dists and default dist
>  From this list, debootstrap and vm-builder haven't been updated (or
>  perhaps are pending an update); vm-builder is a bit harder to update as
>  I fear the list of kernel flavours might change in maverick, so I'm not
>  sure it's a good idea to encode it in the lucid package.

To make future transitions easier, I wrote a tool called release-info
[1]. Then only this script needs to be update for the next release. The
tool is written in Python and it should be rewritten in Perl to lower
the dependencies. Help would be appreciated, because I am not a Perl


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