Action required from Summer of Code mentors

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Mon Apr 12 16:13:51 BST 2010

Reviewing and Ranking Proposals:

1. Make sure your profile as a mentor is updated in Google:

2. Reviewing the proposals
   You will receive a notification that a student has been assigned to
   you. View all Student Proposals" link underneath your organization's
   short name in the left hand navigation menu.

   Applications that are spam, meaning that they are very poor
   proposals, should immediately be marked as ineligible by clicking
   the "Mark as Ineligible" button. You might want to double check with
   me or Maria before marking it as spam

   You can then choose to subscribe to updates made to an application
   by clicking on the *Subscribe to public updates* and *Subscribe to
   private updates* buttons at the top left of the proposal review
   page. You may wish to subscribe to both

3. Comments on Applications
   To post a public comment ensure that "Comment Visible to Student" is
   selected in the drop down list. Note that you cannot assign a score
   to an application when posting a public comment, and the drop down
   list to add a score will not be visible in the user interface unless
   the Comment Type is set to "Private Comment" or "Admin Comment."
   Comments submitted will be logged in the Public Reviews section of
   the application view page.

   To post a private comment, select "Private Comment" from the drop
   down list. You are not required to include a score with a private
   comment, but you will not be able to add a score unless the comment
   type is set to "Private Comment" or "Admin Comment."

4. Scoring Applications
   You can assign a score to an application by selecting a score from
   the drop down list below the "Comment" text field. The score range
   goes from -4 to 4, and you can also add a comment to an application
   without scoring it (simply leave the drop down menu at it's default,
   "0: no score").

*Contact me or Maria if you are interested in mentoring any of the
proposals that don't have a mentor assigned*

Have a great day,

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