Foundations Team Weekly Summary, 2010-04-07

Scott James Remnant scott at
Wed Apr 7 16:43:08 BST 2010

For minutes of previous meetings, please see FoundationsTeam.

== Present ==

 * ScottJamesRemnant - chair
 * ColinWatson
 * EvanDandrea
 * GaryLasker
 * JamesWestby
 * MatthiasKlose
 * MichaelVogt
 * SteveLangasek

== Apologies ==

 * BarryWarsaw - emergency
 * LoïcMinier - ?

== Agenda ==
 * Lightning Round
  * 2-4 sentences on current work/roadblocks
 * Outstanding actions from last meeting
 * Outstanding feature freeze exceptions
 * Farming out tasks that aren't being handled
  * [[|Milestoned bugs]]
  * [[|Targeted bugs]]
 * [[|Sponsorship queue]]
 * Any business from activity reports
 * Good news
 * AOB

== Chair for next meeting ==

 * EvanDandrea

== Lightning round ==

<mvo> done: software-center bugfixing, update-manager fixes, upgrade reports review
 todo: focus on upgrade issues and remaining sotware-center bugs

<slangasek> done: plymouth bug fixing, beta-2 warm-up, got meself a script to batch-load the AMI #s onto the ISO tracker so I don't have to add 12 of them one at a time
 todo: beta-2 release :)

<doko__> openjdk & sun-java security builds, test failure debugging on the buildbots,  icedtea plugin debugging, upgrade fixes for ca-certificates-java, python-central, trying to start the archive rebuild, gcc-4.5 packages updated (branched!)

<cjwatson> done: Launchpad patch to restrict bug transitions away from "Won't Fix"; display init script output by default on server boot; kicked off foundations planning for 10.10; yet more partitioner bug-fixing
 todo: adjust partitioner free space handling following alignment changes; per-package exceptions to package set administration; d-i translation sync; possibly try to land ubiquity-common package split
 p.s. Launchpad ec2 testing is not actually *that* hard to set up and lets you do LP work without having to do the heroic dependency setup

<tremolux> Continued software-center bug fixes and triage.
 Currently working on two bugs related to channel updating (LP: #542892, LP: #556995).

<ev> done: lots of bug fixing
 in progress / todo: melting my brain in ubiquity's page history code, fixing whatever bugs arise from CD testing

<james_w> In progress/todo: more sponsoring, using the API once I have it all landed to stretch the code imports system.

<Keybuk> done: nice break over easter, got plymouth & mountall fixed up last week
 todo: catching up with my bugs folder

== Activity reports ==

=== Barry Warsaw ===

=== Colin Watson ===

 * Partitioning:
  * Reviewed and merged Phillip Susi's parted patch to restore use of
    BLKPG (#540940).  Also arranged to always allow two sectors for the
    extended boot record, since things broke otherwise.
  * Cope with changed semantics of ped_disk_clobber that broke
    operations on unpartitioned disk devices (#539324, #549260).
  * Fix up LVM recipe decoding so that we deal with GPT correctly
  * Warn when reformatting an existing misaligned partition for use as
    ext3/ext4 (#530071).
  * Allow preseeding the first crypto passphrase prompt (#546405).

 * gfxboot:
  * Font update (#434406).
  * Initial work on monitor size handling, though not used yet and may
    be discarded in Lucid+1 in favour of grub2 (#536692).

 * Other installer work:
  * Added maybe-ubiquity support for Mythbuntu (#546976).
  * Miscellaneous casper bug fixes (#436535, #489736, #526305).
  * Tried to reproduce installation failure with ReiserFS (#551179).
    Seems to be something else though.
  * Fixed up installer to copy language-selector notes properly
  * Fixed language variant handling in installer slideshow (#476269).
  * Fixed a couple of KDE frontend bugs (#536912, #540203).

 * Booked UDS travel.

 * Arranged to display init script output by default on server boot

 * Prepared and tested a Launchpad patch to restrict bug transitions
   away from "Won't Fix" to bug supervisors (#294846).

 * Synced: partman-lvm

=== Evan Dandrea ===

 * Short week; public holiday on Friday.

==== Ubiquity and Slideshow ====
 * Modified the slideshow and ubiquity install window to better fit in
600px height displays.
 * Slight tweaks to the install window per advice from the design team.
 * Fixed #551554 (translate the skip button).
 * Modified the finished dialog to provide a visual hint that it's
working when the user clicks on one of the options (#551574).
 * Modified ubiquity to use the new 'reboot required' hint (#551537).
 * Fixed the user-setup page not showing errors when the user clicks
next (#551742).
 * Created a only_this_page decorator that assures that callback
functions are only run if the user is on the page the callback is used
 * Fixed a crasher in the KDE frontend when the user selects a
keyboard (#552399).
 * Finished the last work item for oem-config for lucid.  OEMs can now
preseed oem-config/remove_extras to true and oem-config will remove
packages that were not part of the base install and are not needed by
the final system.  This allows them to install all available language
packs and have only the langpacks for the language selected in
oem-config remain once oem-config has been run (#315644, #553184).
 * Discussed where we needed an LTS designator with Jane and a few
developers on IRC, and added it where needed in the slideshow.
 * Lots of bug triage and CD testing.

==== usb-creator ====
 * Fixed the format button not working because we were mounting
partitions as soon as we were unmounting them.
 * Hunted down and fixed the encoding issue that was preventing users
from installing from ISOs with characters beyond U+007F (#460298).

=== Gary Lasker ===
  * Continued software-center bug fixes and triage
   * Fixed 9 bugs since 1.1.18 release
   * Currently working on two bugs related to channel updating (LP: 
#542892, LP: #556995)
  * Mentoring new OEM team member
  * Engineering rotation allocation this week
   * 90% platform, 10% OEM

=== James Westby ===

==== Distributed Development ====

  * Spent most of the time improving code imports in Launchpad so that
    we can build on them in the future.

==== Other ====

  * Helped Leonard get in shape for updated launchpadlib in lucid.
  * Plenty of sponsoring.
  * Archive admin duty.
  * Lots of small tasks from my backlog polished off.

=== Loïc Minier ===

=== Matthias Klose ===

=== Michael Vogt ===

==== software-center ====
 * 10.10 planning conf call
 * merge branch from michaelforrest to hide non-available screenshot windows 
 * detect missing components (e.g. on the live-cd)
 * Aptdaemon: add enable-component branch (lp:~mvo/aptdaemon/enable-component)
 * apt-xapian-index: add update-xapian-index dbus service (and send to upstream for inclusion)
 * trigger channel update via update-apt-xapian-index if apt cache and xapian index are out of sync
 * test s-c behavior on live-cd and fresh install
 * fix a-x-i update on reload 
 * debug non-displayed eula in aptdaemon for the ubuntuone music store (fluendo-mp3 bug) 
 * debug new channel detection bug in s-c- and figure out its soyuz bug #552560
 * fix action button visiblity 
 * work on a11y
 * fix #455307 (list not acccessible)
 * look at branch from nzmm for improved pathbar accessiblity
 * improve app details accessability 
 * App-install-data-partner: remove errornous amd64 version reference for acroread
 * Aptdaemon: debug crash on AddRepository and upload new version with fix
 * Aptdaemon: look at missing error from aptdaemon on auth failure from policykit
 * Aptdaemon: review/upload fix for #530393 (buttons disalbed)   
 * Aptdaemon: merge fix for multiple auth issues (needed for the ubuntuone music store)

==== update-manager ====
 * Upgrade issue analysis/bug triage
 * improve obsoletes handling  
 * ensure removal of deskbar-applet and nautilus-cd-burner 
 * work on better demotions handling and push lp:~mvo/update-manager/demotions-removal branch 
 * debug crash with danilo (webkit PPA releated)
 * read on OOo upgrade problem 
 * disucssion about OOo bug #54679
 * trying to debug upgrade failure (#551782)
 * Debug/fix empathy upgrade issue (#549469)
 * debug/workaround upgrade issue with gdm/usplash
 * better debgging in check-new-release-gtk
 * create lts-server-tasks profiel with all hardy server tasks (for ttx) 
 * fix incorrect /etc/hosts in auto-upgrader tester

==== apt/python-apt ====
 * python-apt review/merge fix for deprecation warnings in apt_pkg (#548623), thanks to juliank
 * review password quote diff from donkult    
 * Python-apt: cherry pick fixes from debian, upload new version 
 * Apt: cherry-pick fixes from debian and upload new version 

==== misc ====
 * Vte: debug/report vte build problem 
 * Update-notifier: branch to lucid, add FFE for check-new-release-gtk calling (#552784)  
 * Synaptic: cherry pick ubuntu branch and upload new version

=== Scott James Remnant ===

==== Maintenance ====

 * Updated util-linux to 2.17.2

 * Patched util-linux so that "mount DIR" will also look
   in /lib/init/fstab - this means that "mount /proc" and "mount /sys"
   always work with the right options

 * Updated e2fsprogs to 1.41.11

 * Modified bootchart to stop after any window manager is up, rather
   than the panel; this makes the lines with work Kubuntu, Xubuntu and
   GNOME Shell

==== Plymouth ====

 * Our Plymouth patches have been sent and committed upstream, and the
   packages refreshed based on the import of those (some minor tweaks
   and bug fixes got added in the submission)

 * Split Plymouth themes out of the main package, changed to use
   alternatives to select the default theme

 * Committed and uploaded the vga16fb renderer
 * Some later fixes to the VGA register flipping to fix segfaults

 * Enabled Plymouth's logging of console messages, which hides them by
   default unless the "details" theme is used
 * Changed upstart's rc.conf script to allow console output again from
   init scripts

==== mountall ====

 * Rewrote Plymouth integration so that it remains entirely in the main
   loop, calling out to Plymouth only when the epoll file descriptor
   selects for reading (which should never block)
 * All prompts are now asynchronous

 * Updated messages and replaced "[SM]" text with proper "Press X
   for..." messages along the bottom of the theme
 * Ensured all messages are available for translation

==== Misc ====

 * Tested kernels with new and fixed nouveau drivers on Dell D620

 * Started catching up with bugs

=== Steve Langasek ===

Scott James Remnant
scott at
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