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Mon Sep 28 21:33:24 BST 2009

tap to click enabled by default. I would like to put my vote in for having =
it enabled by default and also having the touchpad disabled by default when=
 you are typing. (Such an option does exist in karmic) <br>

Here&#39;s why I think it should be that way:<br>In windows, the default is=
 to click when the touch pad is tapped. That means that most likely new Ubu=
ntu users that try karmic will think that Ubuntu (or Linux for that matter)=
 doesn&#39;t work properly with touch pads.<br>

As far as experienced users, some don&#39;t like tap to click, but they are=
 experienced users, and are probably used to turning it off. <br>Also, look=
 at the numbers on this brainstorm idea. <a href=3D"http://brainstorm.ubunt=" target=3D"_blank">Brainstorm Link</a> At the time of writ=
ing this email, 88 said they supported having tap to click on by default, 1=
 person said they didn&#39;t care, and 11 wanted it off by default. That&#3=
9;s 88 percent in favor of having tap to click on by default!<br>

<br>As far as disabling the touch pad while typing, it will solve the most =
common reason people turn the touch pad off. At the same time, I think it w=
ould be pretty hard physically to use the touch pad and keyboard at the sam=
e time and most programs wouldn&#39;t require require you to do this anyway=
s. On top of that, this feature could also be turned off by advanced users.=
 So that way, we would (hopefully) have a win-win situation.<br>

<br>Thanks,<br>Erik<br><br><br><a href=3D"
atisubuntu/" target=3D"_blank"><img src=3D"
348/ubuntulogoformailen2.png" width=3D"500" height=3D"50"></a>


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