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Mon Sep 28 21:33:24 BST 2009

click enabled by default. I would like to put my vote in for having it
enabled by default and also having the touchpad disabled by default when you
are typing. (Such an option does exist in karmic)
Here's why I think it should be that way:
In windows, the default is to click when the touch pad is tapped. That means
that most likely new Ubuntu users that try karmic will think that Ubuntu (or
Linux for that matter) doesn't work properly with touch pads.
As far as experienced users, some don't like tap to click, but they are
experienced users, and are probably used to turning it off.
Also, look at the numbers on this brainstorm idea. Brainstorm
Link<>At the time of writing
this email, 88 said they supported having tap to
click on by default, 1 person said they didn't care, and 11 wanted it off by
default. That's 88 percent in favor of having tap to click on by default!

As far as disabling the touch pad while typing, it will solve the most
common reason people turn the touch pad off. At the same time, I think it
would be pretty hard physically to use the touch pad and keyboard at the
same time and most programs wouldn't require require you to do this anyways.
On top of that, this feature could also be turned off by advanced users. So
that way, we would (hopefully) have a win-win situation.



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