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Klaus Doblmann klaus.doblmann at
Fri Sep 25 12:58:17 BST 2009

Hi guys,

I've been a silent follower of this list for some time now and as what
I'm about to say affects the development of Ubuntu via bugreports I've
decided to post it here - forgive me if I'm wrong.

I've submitted a few bugreports of app-crashes in the last few days
during my testing of Karmic and before submitting the bug I always look
for duplicates - which launchpad lists. Well, it does so in _some_ cases
but not in all. 
When submitting an application crash the bug report is set to be
"private" therefore if somebody else submits the same crash report, the
previous one doesn't shop up in launchpad until after you've submitted
the bug and it's automatically set to be a duplicate.

This behaviour leads to many duplicate bugreports and quite a few hours
wasted by the community spent filing these reports.

Maybe this behaviour can be changed - or somebody can tell me the reason
for the bugreports being marked as "private" by default?


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