20090929.2 UEC install test

Thierry Carrez thierry.carrez at canonical.com
Wed Sep 30 13:44:10 BST 2009

Thierry Carrez wrote:
> However my preliminary testing shows that eucalyptus needs to be
> stopped/started *after registration succeeded* to take the registration
> into account... I'll confirm that bug with the ISO install, when it will
> be published.
> [...]

A full 20090930.1 test failed to run instances.
There is some condition on the NC that makes it believe walrus is
running on, though it is reported as correctly registered on
the cluster side.

I tried various ways to unregister and manually register it, to no
avail. This is late for fixing this for beta. So I made the decision to
revert to the previous known state, 20090930.

Running that release I could make it actually start instances. It's not
free of bugs, but at least we know how to document their workarounds.

Here are the things against 20090930:

 * Requires manual registration and restart of eucalyptus before it can
be used
 * Starting an instance can fail with a 500 Walrus error

I'll verify and file bugs for each.

I also ran into an issue booting the kernel of a beta UEC instance using
local kernel/ramdisk. I'll test with the published ones.

Thierry Carrez
Technical lead, Ubuntu server team || Canonical Ltd.

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