Karmic touch pad request

Rick Spencer rick.spencer at canonical.com
Sun Sep 27 17:17:46 BST 2009

On Sat, 2009-09-26 at 22:01 -0700, Aaron C. de Bruyn wrote:
> On 2009-09-27 at 00:15:47 -0400, Daniel Chen wrote:
> > Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2009 00:15:47 -0400
> > From: Daniel Chen <seven.steps at gmail.com>
> > To: "Aaron C. de Bruyn" <ubuntu-devel at darkpixel.com>
> > Cc: ubuntu-devel at lists.ubuntu.com
> > Subject: Re: Karmic touch pad request
> > 
> > One metric that I use is the principle of least surprise. I also
> I would be least surprised if it worked.  ;)

1. I've asked a few Windows XP users about this, and none of them know
about this feature.
2. I have turned this off for users who complain that their computers
randomly move the cursor the around on them. This is because they have
no idea what tap to click is, so they can't begin to fathom why this
would happen. It happens when their palms hit the touchpad.

The current "off" default seems right to me. It's past the time in the
release cycle to be making changes like this. We'll release the beta as
is and gauge the feedback.

Cheers, Rick 

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