Springlobby, spring-engine, spring-mods-kernelpanic packages in New queue

Scott Ritchie scott at open-vote.org
Mon Sep 14 14:43:45 BST 2009

James Westby wrote:
> On Mon Sep 07 01:00:23 +0100 2009 Scott Ritchie wrote:
>> The initial versions of these packages were uploaded long before feature
>> freeze, however they were rejected due to incompleteness in the
>> copyright file.  I've since cleaned it up and reuploaded - I was told
>> this was ok.  If I need to file a Freeze Exception let me know.
> Are these packages intended for multiverse?

No, regular Universe.

> spring-engine is non-free, so will have to go there if at all:
>   Any person wishing to distribute modifications to the Software is
>   requested to send the modifications to the original developer so that
>   they can be incorporated into the canonical version.

This isn't a license requirement, just an informal request.
Spring-engine is still GPL.

> springlobby appears to be undistributable in its current form:
>     Copyright (C) 1991-2, RSA Data Security, Inc. Created 1991. All rights
>     reserved. License to copy and use this software is granted provided that
>     it is identified as the "RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5 Message-Digest
>     Algorithm" in all material mentioning or referencing this software or
>     this function. License is also granted to make and use derivative works
>     provided that such works are identified as "derived from the RSA Data
>     Security, Inc. MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm" in all material mentioning
>     or referencing the derived work.
> which is an extra restriction, which is disallowed by the GPL, which is
> the predominant license of the package.

This file has been removed in the latest version and replaced with a
non-RSA-derived one.  I may need to make a new upload, I forget if the
version in the queue includes this change.

> In addition, you don't reproduce the warranty disclaimer debian/copyright,
> as required by the GPL.
> I haven't rejected the packages yet, as I would like a second opinion.
> Thanks,
> James

Let me know if there are any other issues.

Scott Ritchie

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