Foundations Team Weekly Status, 2009-09-02

Robbie Williamson robbie at
Fri Sep 11 20:49:45 BST 2009

Apologies for the delay.

= No Meeting This Week =

== Activity reports ==

=== Colin Watson ===
 * Uploaded initial Eucalyptus installer support. Ongoing bug-fixes as testing
became feasible.

 * Further discussion with GRUB2 upstream about keystatus interface design.
Uploaded first plausible version to Ubuntu.

 * Uploaded preseedable LVM-on-RAID support. Working on wedging support for it
into kickseed.

 * Merged: grub2 (twice)

 * Fixed mouseemu #419947 (mouseemu prevents use of multi-button mice).

 * Fixed hw-detect #251830 (don't install mouseemu on Intel Mac desktops).

 * Merged Dell Driver Injection Disk support (#341526).

 * Backported fix for console-setup #390292 (undefined kernel key code warnings)
to Karmic.

 * Arranged for grub-installer to pass user kernel parameters through to grub2.

 * Miscellaneous installer updates for Alpha 5, especially translations.

 * Sponsorship:
  * rsyslog #407862.

=== Evan Dandrea ===
 * Short week.  Vacation on Monday and Tuesday.
 * Fixed some small bugs in the slideshow code.  The slideshow is now fully
functional and working on resolutions greater than or equal to 800x600, its
intended target.
 * Spoke with the design team about getting their input on the slides.
 * Guided Roman on how he could best build on the work of the ubiquity-slideshow
team to create a KDE slideshow package.
 * Followed up on the plugins merge.  I was set to merge it in, but decided to
hold off to give Mario and Colin more time to look it over. I spoke with Steve
about it briefly and filed bug #419989 for the FFe.
 * Filed bug 419796 on devicekit-disks, which is preventing usb-creator from
having a working format button.
 * Backported some debian-installer changes for bug 234185.
 * Fixes to usb-creator.

=== James Westby ===
==== Distro tasks ====
  * bzr 1.18 and associated packages uploaded to karmic.
  * Talked with dobey about oauth packages.
  * Many reviews/sponsoring/uploads for people who wanted things in before FF.

==== Distributed Development ====
  * Followed up on a few Launchpad things that are waiting.
  * Spoke to jml about branch permissions.
  * Landed some fixes from Muharem.

==== Daily Builds ====
  * bzr-builder uploaded to karmic.

==== Kerneloops ====
  * kerneloops-daemon seeded.

=== Lars Wirzenius ===
 * Work on getting apt to use zsync for updating Packages files. Waiting for
feedback from Michael Vogt on my patch.

=== Matthias Klose ===

=== Michael Vogt ===
==== software-store (was app-center) ====
 * Update software-store copyright to gpl-3
 * trying to follow the change in the software-store spec
 * create webkit branch
 * use webkit for rending of the application details page
 * Add "add_repository" functionatliy to aptdaemon
 * make the categories view emit proper signals so that the app class can react
 * much improved search entry
 * Fix crash in aptdaemon (#403467)
 * open cache in the background and keep gtk alive
 * add basic keyboard navigation
 * discuss private PPA integration (APIs missing)
 * add "enable-channel" functionality in software-store
 * Fix crash in software-store postrm
 * Work on the progress animation icon (with rugby471)
 * add launchpad integration into software-store
 * Debug/fix problem when the aptdaemon stops because of inactivty (we need to
reconnect our signals)
 * Add jcastro to the project and activate his daily builds ppa
 * Show rdepends count in softtware-store for installed apps
 * Review/merge changes from  lp:~rugby471/software-store/software-store-andrew
 * add "CellRendererAnimatedImage" for the progress view
 * rework the webkit branch to have a "WebkitWidget" base class that supports
running python code from the html/JS and running JS from
 * Update aptdaemon branch to include "wait-for-dpkg-lock" feature
 * add substituation support based on string.Template()
 * Work on the webkit branch, merge changes from rugby471, support  basic thumb
fetching (from
 * make the category view a webkit widget to be able to display it the way the
spec says
 * kill right click menu in webview, enable simple keyboard navigation in the
category view
 * update pending view on initial startup

==== update-manager ====
 * Merge the update-manager change from seb back into bzr
 * Work on base-installer integraton

==== compiz ====
 * Upload new compiz-bcop (bugfix) to archive
 * Upload more compiz fixes to the compiz PPA
 * Tighten compiz dependencies, upload a bunch of new packages to the compiz ppa

==== apt/synaptic ====
 * Debug/fix synaptic crash
 * debug/fix segfault in apt
 * Add patch for apt ALLCAPS problem to the apt mvo branch

==== misc ====
 * Phonecall with doko about python-robustness
 * Fix duplicated IDs in gdebi and upload new version (#422096)
 * Bug triage/fixing gdebi (two crashes)
 * Add lzma as a valid member to python-debian (so that it no longer crashes)
 * make gdebi more robust against crashes from python-debian
 * Add "--auto-close" option to gdebi to have better auto-test capabilities
 * Phonecall with robbiew

==== sponsoring ====
 * Review/sponsoring gtk-vnc, vinagre, notification-daemon, gnome-control-center
 * Review/merge/upload software-properties string fix #420672
 * Review/merge/upload apturl kde frontend

=== Mike Terry ===
==== Ubiquity ====
 * Continued to work on my plugins branch (merge with trunk, bugfix). There is
an FFE for it, but will be pushed after Alpha 5 to minimize any risk.
 * Did a bunch of bug cleanup (closed out bugs that are fixed by my timezone
work or no longer apply)
 * Investigated better mangling of user's real name into a POSIX username.
Seems like we need a feature patch from upstream PyICU svn
before we can properly fix this.

==== Rsyslog ====
 * Fixed an annoying bug with permissions on output log files.  If rsyslog
received a HUP (as it does when rotating logs), it might not have been able to
write to a root-owned syslog anymore.

=== Muharem Hrnjadovic ===
==== Distributed development ====

  * More tests and fixes for "merge-package" bzr command, see:
    - lp:~al-maisan/bzr-builddeb/locked-repo-updates
    - lp:~al-maisan/bzr-builddeb/missing-tests

==== Archive administration ====

===== Syncs =====

  * libio-compress-perl
  * f libio-compress-perl
  * f python-numpy
  * libtorrent-rasterbar
  * taglib
  * xboard

===== Component mismatches =====

Checked out a number of potential mismatches. It turned out neither of these
were to be demoted to universe:

  * language-support-translations-*, in the process of being replaced by
  * ibus-qt/ibus-qt4 needed by Kubuntu
  * nvclock/smartdimmer needed by hal

=== Scott James Remnant ===
==== Boot Performance ====

 * Merged current debhelper with Steve and Joey's pass of a dh_installinit with
Upstart support.  Extended it to provide maintainer scripts that use proper
Upstart commands, and do support optional replacement of init scripts of the
same name

 * Hostname patched to support fallback default ("localhost") if the file
doesn't exist or is empty, and no hostname is set.  This eliminates all the need
for work in the initscript/Upstart job.

 * Bulk of rcS and gdm-critical Upstart jobs packaged from max

 * Rewrote the upstart-event helper binary into an upstart-udev-bridge daemon
that's somewhat more efficient since we don't need to fork/exec all the time

 * Added that to the Upstart source tree for the Ubuntu package

 * Began adding the "mountall" code, which needs some work to support  the more
complex configurations but works for the simple cases.

=== Steve Langasek ===
==== Release management ====
 * NEW processing for FeatureFreeze
 * UDW session on FFes
 * Alpha5 prep

==== Specs ====
 * foundations-karmic-multiarch-support: knocked a number of items off the dpkg
todo list; evaluated the current upstream status and took the decision to defer
this until karmic+1

==== Sponsorship ====
 * pam (bug #285574)
 * boost1.37 (bug #371617)
 * net6 (bug #422149)

==== Misc ====
 * Monday archive duties

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