MOTU Release done for Karmic

Scott Ritchie scott at
Wed Oct 28 17:50:24 GMT 2009

Scott Kitterman wrote:
> The final deadline for motu-release approved uploads has passed.  We had a 
> good run of fixing the last few days.  Thanks everyone for the work.
> In the event of any OMG, kittens! issues for Universe/Multiverse, please 
> contact ubuntu-release.
> Scott K
> For the MOTU Release Team

Is there a way we could speed up SRUs for the next week?  As I
understand it the current process requires uploading the package to
Lucid before backporting the fix.

Does this mean updates are going to be impossible until Lucid is
available?  I have a package ready to go into -proposed today, however
if I have to wait until Lucid is open to upload that could be much longer.

Scott Ritchie

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