2009-10-07 UEC Testing

Thierry Carrez thierry.carrez at canonical.com
Wed Oct 7 14:07:21 BST 2009

Thierry Carrez wrote:
> The last ISO is still from yesterday noon. I asked for a respin now and
> will test it this morning.

I installed 20091007 twice.
First time it failed autoregistration, second time it succeeded.

I spent a few hours on this to get it right, I think the bottom of this
incertainty is that the timeout is too short (for port 8443 which on
first boot takes around 1 minute to show up). On the successful try, it
was only 5 seconds away from reaching the timeout. I committed a fix to
increase it, see

Failure to autoregister components on first reboot after install

There is still a combination of factors that make registration happen
later than it should:

When DHCP address is obtained late, post-start scripts fail
Basically if the poststart script started its check loop before an IP
address was obtained, it would never succeed and would timeout. Fix

/services/Heartbeat fails on exception
The check for -sc and -walrus is currently busted, so those poststart
would always fail and timeout. I'm on it

Autoregistration is always attempted, whatever post-start returns
This "bug" actually allows the autoregistration to succeed, despite the
two previous bugs. Will fix it when the previous one is fixed, obviously.

Thierry Carrez
Technical lead, Ubuntu server team || Canonical Ltd.

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