SIMULTAN: Wine vs VMXP vs Wubi (Max)

Mark Syms mark at
Sun Oct 4 12:10:14 BST 2009


If your business really has a hard requirement for Outlook then you
should stop looking at Kubuntu, sadly you're going to be better off with
Windows 7. You're never going to meet user expectations if you try
running Outlook in Wine or under a VM (which still incurs you a license
fee anyway), even using a terminal services remoting system is not
likely to satisfy all of your users even though I do that all the time
for accessing my work systems and it works well for us.

There are some problems that we just can't solve with Linux and we need
to recognise and be pragmatic about that. Maybe in time people will come
to see that they really don't need to tie themselves to Outlook but
don't hold you breath on that one.

Just my 2p,


> thanks for all the feedback
> for business it MUST be outlook, not an aequivalent, good to hear, that
> the new wine is better.
> Thanks, i believe, that htis is essential.
> do you know about the windows clone
> maybe if it is ready and working you can implement it with a virtual
> machine container by default? instead of wine, if it is better.
> or join both, wine and reactos.
> Regards Max
> On Sun, Oct 4, 2009 at 7:51 AM, Justin Dugger <jldugger at
> <mailto:jldugger at>> wrote:
>     Have you tried the evolution-mapi plugins? It's goal is to connect to
>     exchange on the same level as Outlook. I've been meaning to test this
>     myself, since we run exchange.
>     Justin
>     On Sat, Oct 3, 2009 at 10:51 AM, Max <petersonmaxx at
>     <mailto:petersonmaxx at>> wrote:
>     > Hi, I would suggest to use kubuntu in our company, but the problem
>     is, that
>     > outlook then is not working,

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