today's UEC report

Dustin Kirkland kirkland at
Sat Oct 3 19:10:46 BST 2009

On Sat, Oct 3, 2009 at 5:22 AM, Matt Zimmerman <mdz at> wrote:
> Good work on this, it looks good to me.  Generally, I would hope to see more
> detail in the changelog regarding the bugs which were fixed, though I
> realize in this case that we don't have the data in all cases.

Yes, I'll dress up the changelog quite a bit before I upload to
Karmic.  This was just a first pass, to resolve the conflicts and get
it building and available for testing.  I grepped the bzr commit
history to build that list of bugs.  I was planning on adding at least
1-2 lines per bug, explaining why/how these bugs are thought to be

> How did you go about creating the .orig.tar.gz?
> It looks like perhaps we should add a 'get-orig-source' rule to debian/rules
> so that bzr builddeb simply does the right thing.

Yes, we should add a get-orig-source.  I would have done so, but I
wasn't sure my method was correct, though.  I'm hoping Soren might
shed some light on that bit for us.

Since Eucalyptus didn't really "release" this random snapshot, I don't
think they really have an orig tarball.

So I just branched their tree at that revision, renamed the directory
to something sensible, rm -rf the .bzr and the debian directories, and
then tarred it up.  I expect that might be a little messy.  I hope
there's a better way of doing this.  And upon agreeing upon that
better way, yes, we should add this to a get-orig-source.


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