today's UEC report

Dustin Kirkland kirkland at
Fri Oct 2 23:17:37 BST 2009

So today was an extraordinarily frustrating day testing UEC  :-/

Bandwidth to/from the archive is abysmal.  Everything takes 100x longer
to download than normal, due to Beta traffic.  "apt-get update" took 60
minutes.  My local rsync mirror job has been running for >20 hours.

I eventually did rsync the daily ISO, only to find several regressions
(already) post beta.

The first was an openiscsi issue.  I supplied Colin with the logs and he
uploaded a fix.  Installs from ISO are broken until that makes it onto
the next build.

Next, the Upstart issues were not fixed in Scott's last upload.  Looks
like its supposed to remove /etc/init/dbus-reconnect.conf, but didn't.
I showed Scott this, and he fix that too.

I was able to hack my way around both of those issues to get my cloud
installed.  Unfortunately, registration and running instances are not
working very well at this point.

Dan logged into my box, poked around a bit, and found that my database
was wedged.  He said this is issue LP: #436885, and should be fixed in
our next merge.

I tried for several hours to work around this issue, but couldn't.  

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