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Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Wed Nov 25 12:51:25 GMT 2009

Matt Zimmerman [2009-11-25 11:08 +0000]:
> If I understand correctly, you're suggesting:
>  * Test rebuild the archive
>  * Save the packages
>  * Build a CD from those packages
>  * Test the CD
> Instead, I'm proposing:
>  * Rebuild the packages in the archive
> Isn't that much simpler and more effective?

It doesn't seem to be simpler to me. We already have working
infrastructure to test-rebuild the archive, and building a CD from
this archive shouldn't be rocket science. Testing the CD needs to
happen in either case.

OTOH, rebuilding the packages in the actual archive will take lots of
sourceful manual uploads, and also blocks production buildds for quite
a while. (Of course both points could be addressed with Soyuz/buildd
management improvements, but we don't have those yet.)


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