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Hi Matt,

On Sat, Nov 14, 2009 at 12:52:58PM -0600, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> > We should be a little careful about how we phrase our commitment here.
> > As yet, we don't have the capability to do binary-only rebuilds on a
> > single architecture, so the only way to rebuild all armel binaries would
> > be to reupload every source package in the archive. This is a pretty
> > good way to lose Ubuntu mirrors, and in the past we've decided that we
> > didn't want to do that after all.

> > I think it should be adequate to identify a core set of packages and
> > ensure that all of those get rebuilt, either during the initial merge
> > from Debian or separately.

> I realize we've been conservative about this in the past, and for good
> reason, but I think there are risks to this approach as well.  Unless we
> rebuild everything, we don't know if it builds and works with the new
> compilation defaults.

If this is the main concern, then I think we're much better served by an
archive test rebuild that uses its own output, since this lets us rebuild
everything without a need for per-package human intervention.  To do a full
archive rebuild, someone will have to do a sourceful upload of each package,
which I don't think makes sense if the goal is only to test the toolchain

> Would it be a reasonable compromise to slowly rebuild the archive over a
> period of weeks or months to avoid a big hit on the mirrors?

In effect, we already have this for the majority of the packages in main as
a side effect of the Debian import and our ongoing development work; if this
is confined to main and deferred to around the middle of the development
cycle, I would expect the set of packages that require uploads just for the
rebuild to be minimal and manageable.

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