new here! glad to join the ubuntu developer's mail list

fang liang fang.liang01 at
Sun Nov 15 09:14:30 GMT 2009

If I have offended you,I ask your pardon.

I am new to ubuntu world,I have been intrested in
GNU software development a long time.I am so exited to join this mail list.
I hope I can do something to the ubuntu world,and also could learn something.

*what I can do now ?*
I was skilled at devoloping web project using PHP,HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT.
but my English is poor.(I am Chinese.)
I have learned C,and could programe with it.I also konw little about java,c++.

*what I should learn?*
*what I can do to the ubuntu world ?*
*how to start?*
*your advise..*

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