Merging with Bazaar

James Westby jw+debian at
Mon Nov 9 16:24:05 GMT 2009

On Fri Nov 06 03:09:01 -0500 2009 Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> What is the correct order for parents? Why does it matter here and what
> are the practical consequences in this scenario?

It indicates the merge was done one way rather than the other. This may
confuse someone looking at the history, it changes the left-hand history
which bzr emphasises in the log, and changes the way future merges will

The last is probably the most important, it may mean you get a mis-merge
next time.

> Aren't the branches thrown away after the merge anyway?

Oh, if you do that then it doesn't really matter. You don't have to
throw them away.

> > For the revert issue, you can use "bzr revert -rbranch:lp:debian/<series>/<package>"
> Which is more cumbersome to type at the command line and imposes
> latencies due to network access. Nothing serious, I agree.

True, and I would like to avoid that. The local branch has all the information
to do this, but there is currently no revision spec that allows you to
access it from the command line.

> > I'm not sure why that's your experience with conflicts, if you give me
> > a package that you saw this with then I can investigate.
> I will report it to you when I encounter this again.



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