Merging with Bazaar

James Westby jw+debian at
Thu Nov 5 19:34:49 GMT 2009

Hi all,

Thanks to a whole bunch of work from quite a few people coming together
now is a great time to do merging in bzr. In particular as MoM is down,
this will allow you to merge without lots of faff. Unfortunately not
every package is imported yet, but with >14,000 imported there should
be plenty to work on.

You can read documentation on how to do it at

specifically at

but the short of it is: get


and run

  bzr merge-package lp:debian/<series>/<package>

where <series> could be lenny, squeeze, sid, experimental as appropriate.

The pre-requisites are currently to be running karmic and have
bzr and bzr-builddeb installed. Those on releases earlier than karmic
will be stuck for the time being unfortunately, as we are using some
very new code to make all this happen.

Please file bugs as appropriate, and help improve the documentation
on the wiki. In addition we have just created a new mailing list to
discuss the intersection of Ubuntu, Bazaar, Launchpad, etc.,

so if you are interested please subscribe there and start discussing.
Ubuntu development will always be on topic here, but if you would like
to talk about the other tools and how they affect that then that may
be a better forum as it has a more specific audience.



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