working wacom hotplug available for testing

sam tygier samtygier at
Thu Mar 26 10:24:58 GMT 2009

Timo Aaltonen wrote:
>  	Hi
>    During the intrepid timecycle we got input-hotplug, but it only handled 
> mice, touchpads and keyboards properly. Wacom tablets were problematic, 
> since the normal method of hooking up a driver to a specific device with 
> the help of hal only worked with a single logical device. Wacom tablets 
> usually have several "devices" with different roles that used to open the 
> driver separately, and that was not possible at that time.
> Now for jaunty, there's a new wacom-tools in my PPA which should do proper 
> input hotplugging by using a hal callout program to set up the extra 
> devices that the fdi file lists the hardware should support. It should 
> also work on builtin serial devices like on tablet laptops. The patches, 
> including some bugfixes, are borrowed from Fedora.
> So, please test and feel free to file bugs on launchpad against 
> wacom-tools. Just make sure to mention that it's the PPA version of the 
> package:
> No promises that it'll get in jaunty, but if the testing proves positive 
> the X-SWAT team will likely file a FFe bug for it.
> ps. one upstream commit from has been reverted from the package, 
> because it broke my cheap Waltop tablet. If you lucky b......s with a 
> proper wacom see something like
>    usbParse: Exceeded channel count; ignoring the events
> in the xorg log, let me know :) (via launchpad, of course)
tested with a usb wacom bamboo fun 6x8 on 32bit jaunty, recently installed with no edits to xorg.conf or fdi files.
after installing i needed to reboot (otherwise the pen would not move the cursor).

once rebooted i just needed to enable each tool in the gimp prefs and it works fine with pressure, and remembering a separate tool for the nib and eraser. scrolling with the wheel works too.

there are none of those messages in xorg.log

if you do a ffe let me know and i can post a message.



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