working wacom hotplug available for testing

Timo Aaltonen tjaalton at
Tue Mar 24 21:44:18 GMT 2009


   During the intrepid timecycle we got input-hotplug, but it only handled 
mice, touchpads and keyboards properly. Wacom tablets were problematic, 
since the normal method of hooking up a driver to a specific device with 
the help of hal only worked with a single logical device. Wacom tablets 
usually have several "devices" with different roles that used to open the 
driver separately, and that was not possible at that time.

Now for jaunty, there's a new wacom-tools in my PPA which should do proper 
input hotplugging by using a hal callout program to set up the extra 
devices that the fdi file lists the hardware should support. It should 
also work on builtin serial devices like on tablet laptops. The patches, 
including some bugfixes, are borrowed from Fedora.

So, please test and feel free to file bugs on launchpad against 
wacom-tools. Just make sure to mention that it's the PPA version of the 

No promises that it'll get in jaunty, but if the testing proves positive 
the X-SWAT team will likely file a FFe bug for it.

ps. one upstream commit from has been reverted from the package, 
because it broke my cheap Waltop tablet. If you lucky b......s with a 
proper wacom see something like

   usbParse: Exceeded channel count; ignoring the events

in the xorg log, let me know :) (via launchpad, of course)

Timo Aaltonen
Systems Specialist
IT Services, Helsinki University of Technology

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