Best practice for reporting bugs

Lars Wirzenius lars at
Wed Mar 25 12:13:37 GMT 2009

ke, 2009-03-25 kello 11:58 +0000, Matt Zimmerman kirjoitti:
> I've noticed that, even among Ubuntu devleopers, not everyone is applying
> our best practices for reporting bugs.  In particular, reporting bugs
> directly to Launchpad is usually *NOT* the best approach.  This should only
> be done if there is no better option.
> In almost all cases, it is preferable to report the bug using Apport. 

I tend to turn off apport, because it pops up every time one of my own
programs-under-development crashes, and that makes my laptop unusable
for up to about a minute (more, if I'm running with an encrypted disk).

> 2. The "Help" menu in many applications includes an entry "Report a
> problem..." which will invoke Apport manually.

I didn't know that. Bug again, launching apport from that takes about 30
seconds before anything visible happens, and after that another 30-40
secnods before I can actually do something.

Apport is very useful, but it's horrible to use, at least on my laptop.

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