Installation report for UNR 20090324 on Acer Aspire One

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Tue Mar 24 11:27:16 GMT 2009

Matt Zimmerman [2009-03-24 11:07 +0000]:
> I installed with auto-login enabled, and when I connected to a WPA network,
> I was prompted for a password to create the default keyring.
> Is this because I chose auto-login?

Yes, it is. NM (as well as Evolution, seahorse, and other bits) use
gnome-keyring to store passwords. gnome-keyring is encrypted with a
keyring password.

We use pam-keyring to keep the PAM and gnome-keyring passwords
synchronized, but obviously with auto-login, PAM does not know your
password and thus gnome-keyring has to ask.

>  Is there any way to avoid this awkward prompt?

Tricky. I'm not very fond of disabling the keyring password entirely
in such cases and thus store passwords unencrypted; that might be
acceptable for wifi passwords, but much less so for SSH ones.

This cries for a more fundamental design discussion about single-user
vs. multi-user use cases, account management, and using gnome-keyring.
I don't think we can sensibly change this still for Jaunty.


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