Outdated Pidgin release (2.5.5), Yahoo bug still prominent

Sjors Gielen mailinglist at dazjorz.com
Sat Jun 27 01:51:05 BST 2009

Takyoji wrote:
> The Yahoo bug (making a user completely unable to use Yahoo in Pidgin)
> is still existent. The Pidgin developers released a fix through version
> 2.5.7, 6 days ago, to resolve the bug. However this fix still hasn't
> been released yet through mainstream Ubuntu releases; only Karmic, and
> no others to my awareness.
> Any reason why this vital fix hasn't gone mainstream yet?
> From,
> Takyoji (Caleb L)

Speaking about important fixes, I'd like to request Qt 4.5.1 to be
released to Jaunty, since it fixes crashes in applications like KMess
and Yakuake. Where do I file such bugs? (Don't say "launchpad", I know
that - just, against which versions and do such bug reports have any
chance? I already requested it at a bug report for yakuake.)


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