integrating apt-listbugs with

Tim Webster tdwebste at
Wed Jun 24 16:16:06 BST 2009

>> Once the bug tracker has the required package version information. I
>> can go a head and modify apt-listbugs for ubuntu.
> My guess would be that once Launchpad started tracking version info
> it'd be a good year or so before the data became useful for what
> you're wanting to do.

I have good reason to say once the package bug version is tracked it
will be useful from the beginning of the next ubuntu release onwards,
or sooner. Of course the usefulness will greatly increase with bug
version regression reporting / monitoring.

In any case I would to see this fixed and start
tracking package bug version. I pretty much see package bug version
information as required for reporting, regression testing and package
deployment. And was quite surprised to learn launchpad didn't have
this information.

ubuntu-bug captures the package version.

Regardless how the bug submission it is done.

Required tagging the package version at submission time will help
users add information to existing bugs, and create a few less
duplicates. And when a bug does get reported  after an applied fix, we
know the fix was not a complete fix.

Personally I like that fact that reportbug as it gathers a list of
possibly related package bugs, at the time of reporting. I am little
less fond of ubuntu-bug as offers less opportunity for user input
before sending a bug report.

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