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Chris Gregan chris.gregan at canonical.com
Tue Jun 23 14:45:22 BST 2009

> I have an EEEPc netbook that has Xandros Linux as it's OS.  The laptop
> doesn't have a CD/DVD drive, so I'm not able to download and install
> Ubuntu.  I have heard that I can put a bootable .iso file on a thumb
> drive to install Ubuntu.  All the threads I've found describe how to
> create a bootable .iso, but from a Windows OS.  How do I create, or
> where can I find, a bootable .iso of Ubuntu so I can install it from a
> thumb drive using Xandros Linux?  I really want to run Ubuntu, but it's
> tough to do with no disc drive from Xandros Linux.  Also, my hard drive
> is solid state, and I've heard that there may be special requirements
> for an OS to run on it.  Windows has one, but Ubuntu is way cooler to
> me.  Does Ubuntu have to be modified to run on an EEEPc?
> Mat George

There are some specific issues with running Ubuntu on the Eee.
Specifically, you might find the footprint and memory usage of Gnome a
bit large for the device. Linux Format Issue 118 just had an article on
small OSes for netbooks, and EeeXubuntu took the top spot. They probably
have the installation wizardry sorted as well. My only other suggestion
is Ubuntu Netbook Remix. It has bootable USB installation and a desktop
designed for smaller screens. Good luck!


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