Reporting paper cuts - deadline [Was: Calling All Paper Cutters]

Mat Tomaszewski mat.tomaszewski at
Tue Jun 16 09:33:23 BST 2009

David Siegel wrote:
> Hello, ubuntu-devel. I just posted a blog entry urging people working 
> on hundredpapercuts to help deal with the deluge of bugs being added 
> to the project, the majority of which are invalid. In "phase 1" of 
> hundredpapercuts, we encouraged people to report trivially fixable 
> usability bugs affecting the default Ubuntu experience, and many such 
> bugs were reported!

Just to add to this - since the response has been so overwhelming (209 
bugs already), we decided to set a deadline for reporting paper cuts for 
Karmic. After this date, we will review all reported bugs with 
developers and decide which ones will be fixed in Karmic.

The deadline is Friday, the 26th of June, 12.00 PM UTC.

Thanks very much for all contributions so far and please feel free to 
help with reviewing the current reports, using the criteria listed by David.


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