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2008/8/21 Jordan Mantha <laserjock at>:
> For a long time we've used Denemo, but we're also interested in
> mScore. Both of these apps depend on JACK and therefore I'd like to
> get JACK into Main.

I know this was almost a year ago now, but I've been clearing out e-mail cruft, and came across this again. In any case, I'm the maintainer for mscore, and it most definitely doesn't Depend on jackd, though jack may or may not be useful with it; mscore's primary output is midi instructions.

Anyhow, you say you're "also interested in mScore". If you'd like any help with that, I'd be happy to lend it: recent pre-releases in the mscore-ubuntu PPA have got desktop MIME integration, so that's one step in the right direction. I've also enabled PortAudio by default, and though it doesn't play well with PulseAudio, I suspend the latter (annoyingly, I know) and so audio is more likely to work these days. One day, I'll finish writing my implementation of PortAudio with PulseAudio support (or someone else will...).

Hopefully, version 0.9.5b1869+dfsg from that repository will hit Debian unstable sometime soon, so that should sync across to Karmic. All I'm waiting on is sponsorship.


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