Foundations Team Weekly Summary, 2009-06-10

Robbie Williamson robbie at
Fri Jun 12 21:24:09 BST 2009

=== Colin Watson ===
 * Security review of Landscape set-id wrapper.

 * Merged: shadow (hairy chpasswd -S merge, mailed Kees), user-setup, grub2,

 * germinate fix for archives without compressed index files, reported by Chris

 * Sponsorship:
  * grub2 #376879.

 * SRUs:
  * file #248619 (the famous " won't print on Tuesdays" bug).
  * parted #222126 (partition table is cleared during install on Intel Macs).
  * installation-report #337276 (/var/log/installer/initial-status.gz is empty
on server installs).
  * partman-basicfilesystems #336992 (UUIDs of existing swap partitions are

 * Archive/buildd cleanup after coreutils #383768, together with LaMont.

 * Improved cd-size-analysis script on antimony to look at isoinfo output.

 * Banged head against parted #366282 (partitions that overflow disk not handled
gracefully). Eventually asked parted-devel@ upstream for advice.

 * Belatedly wrote up IS/platform review minutes from 2009-05-14.

 * Switched the installer to GRUB 2 by default.

 * Ported 404main (in ubuntu-dev-tools) to use python-apt.

 * Added update support to rapt, with help from Michael.

 * Kernel patch series to fix #384861 (Broadcom NetXtreme II (BCM5708)not
detected by installer [karmic]).

 * Drafted specs: foundations-karmic-kickstart,

 * Started trying to get more languages to fit on the CD boot loader screen, for
gfxboot-theme-ubuntu #311699. Overflow to next week.

=== Evan Dandrea ===
 * UbuntuSpec:foundations-karmic-migration-assistant and
UbuntuSpec:foundations-karmic-usb-creator-for-windows are drafted and
pending approval.
 * Finalized migration-assistant DBus API.
 * Started working on migration-assistant operating system enumeration and
project boilerplate code.
 * Plenty of research into the Windows backend for usb-creator.  I now have code
to do the basic operations needed to populate the frontend and have started
looking into the winui code to create the frontend and handle device change events.

==== TODO ====
 * Finish drafting UbuntuSpec:foundations-karmic-oemconfig,
UbuntuSpec:foundations-karmic-install-updates-when-installing, and
 * Make sure UbuntuSpec:foundations-karmic-wubi, UbuntuSpec:usb-creator-kde, and
UbuntuSpec:kubuntu-karmic-ubiquity all get drafted, and provide assistance where
 * Create a slideshow proof of concept that uses SVG files and provides
translation support, per Ted's advice at UDS, and hand off to
Gerry Carr.

=== James Westby ===
==== Distributed Development ====
  * Still working to get the branches migrated to Launchpad.
    * Latest hold-up is me stupidly forgetting that I would need another port
opened in the firewall.
    * On track to start importing main as soon as that is done, with  universe
following soon after if everything looks good.
  * Call with Muharem about some of the work for this cycle.

==== bzr-builddeb ====

  * Session at UDS about what people would like to see in karmic. Not a lot of
ideas, which I take to be a good sign.

==== Daily builds ====

  * Lots of UDS discussion, lots of work to do.
  * Spoke briefly with jml about setting up a team.
  * Most important tasks are documentation and announcing.

==== Kerneloops ====

  * Drafted a spec on how I think apport and kerneloops should co-operate: Awaiting feedback.

=== Lars Wirzenius ===
 * On vacation until Monday.
 * Started process of digging myself out of a mountain of e-mails etc.

=== Matthias Klose ===
 * Attended JavaOne (report will follow)
 * While in the US, traveled to Boston to meet the Canonical OEM team

=== Michael Vogt ===
==== compiz ====
 * Remove GM965 from the compiz karmic blacklist
 * merge env modifiyng patch (#221661)
 * Upload new compiz

==== apt ====
 * Add "apt-mark showauto"
 * Merge debian changes into the apt bzr ubuntu branch
 * Review/merge apt patch for comments in apt preferences

==== update-manager ====
 * Build jaunty->karmic auto-upgrade-tester profile
 * Implement update origin display for PPAs (and similar sources)
 * Work on packaging the auto-upgrade-tester
   * part of QA spec
   * in lp:~mvo/update-manager/auto-upgrade-tester)
 * upload new version

==== software-properties ====
 * merge auto-fetching of ppa keys
 * Add "software-properties-gtk --add-ppa"

==== spec ====
 * work on foundations-karmic-robust-python-packaging
 * work on KarmicAufsUpdateManager
 * work on KarmicAptUrlPpaPolicy
 * Work on AptUrlPPAPolicy spec

==== sponsoring ====
 * gnome-doc-utils, gnome-control-center, python-gdata, ncurses,  xterm, newt,
cmake, checksecurity, command-not-found, glew, hsqldb, hypen

==== merges ====
 * ltrace, fakeroot, fftw3, tftpd-hpa, pycurl, qscintilla, protobuf, kino,
translate-toolkit, libiptcdata, xapian-bindings, synaptic

==== misc ====
 * Fix FTBFS in aptitude with gcc 4.4 (and forward upstream)
 * Look into MoM hang and restart it
 * Experimenting with kvm-stable (kvm-qemu 0.10.5)
 * Ddtp translations update (and fixes in the script)
 * did a Packaging trainaing session in #ubuntu-classroom
   * "how to make sure your package upgrade cleanly"
 * Conf call with mpt about AppCenter
 * research for the AppCenter spec
 * research for the Aufs spec
 * review/update app-install-data for karmic

=== Mike Terry ===
==== Merges ====
 * Merge exaile (382852)
 * Merge thuban (383214)
 * Merge yap (383239)
 * Merge libgtkdatabox (383570)
 * Merge nfqueue-bindings (383584)
 * Merge lcdproc (383613)
 * Merge debtags (385245)
 * Merge bzr-gtk (385200)
 * Merge cyrus-sasl2-heimdal (385238)
 * Update deja-dup (384067)
 * Sync libsfml (383190)
 * Sync timps (383219)
 * Sync toshutils (383227)
 * Sync pmidi (383311)
 * Sync python-scipy (383319)
 * Sync plib (383322)
 * Sync kio-gopher (383696)
 * Sync libxcb (383954)
 * Sync partman-ext2r0 (384796)
 * Sync qcomicbook (384808)
 * Sync bzr-xmloutput (385234)

==== FTBFS ====
 * FTBFS human-theme (383709)
 * FTBFS libunique (383718)
 * FTBFS mdbtools (383917)
 * FTBFS taglib (383921) - waiting on enca
 * FTBFS xapian-core (374230)
 * FTBFS for widdle (385317)
 * Main-include the python-gnome2-extras binaries (384012)

=== Muharem Hrnjadovic ===
 * merged a number of packages (please see for
 * read through the bazaar documentation and parts of the bzr source code to
familiarize myself with bzrlib
 * read through the bzr-rebase plugin source code to understand how rebase works
and whether/how we could make use of it in the distributed development context
 * provided feedback Allhands/UDS feedback
 * landed the Launchpad branch that exposes package sets on the web services API

=== Scott James Remnant ===
 * Sponsorship: python-support, caught up on requests from al-maisan

 * Finally caught up on my bugs folder and mail again after Allhands/UDS.

 * Still almost finished the Upstart D-Bus work, the last bits and tests are
taking forever :-/  hope to be finally done with it today

 * e2fsprogs/util-linux upstream work to move libuuid over

 * kernel upstream discussions about PR_SET_ANCHOR (reparent to a process other
than init), and about realtime priority setting

 * Had a go at making populate_rootfs() in the kernel async, a few back and
forths and succeeded - but thwarted by something immediately after waiting for
it to synchronise again - more work required here (expect 0.25-0.5s kernel start
time gain)

 * Attempted to quickly port the sreadahead open() ftrace patch to 2.6.30, but
it FTB.  Looking through the code, and reading LKML, it may be better to port
sreadahead to use the new generic syscall tracer.

 * Updated udev to current GIT (with worker model) for testing, noticeable speed

 * Currently HAL, devkit-disks and the alsa udev rules are slowing down udev,
without them it takes less than 0.5s to probe all disks and load all drivers

 * Started off the boot performance work with a mail to the world

 * Installed Fedora 11 to compare boot speed.  They re-profile readahead if the
RPM database ever changes; time to full login varies between 40-55s.

   You may see them claiming 20s.  This is only to GDM, and on desktop   hardware.

 * Set up a django site for (CFT project :p)

-- Scott James Remnant scott at

=== Steve Langasek ===
==== Release management ====
 * first karmic release meeting
 * preparations for alpha-2
 * rounding up for 8.04.3

==== Packages ====
 * merges: moin, libgsf, rss-glx, nis, irda-utils, cloop, egenix-mx-base,
cyrus-sasl2, gamin, guile-1.8, hsqldb, liboil, pyogg, python-docutils,
python-ldap, nfs-utils, ruby1.9, gutenprint, subversion, evolution-data-server
  * fix subversion so that it can talk hppa again
 * turn gmp, fontforge, epiphany-extensions, libgda3, libiec61883,openbabel,
python-qt3, pyusb, redland-bindings into syncs
  * and add a delta to gmp again, because it FTBFS on powerpc  :(
 * update postfix, exim4 packages for the new 'default-mta' handling
 * rebuilds to get rid of libkrb53
 * work on kicking python2.4 out of main

==== Sponsorship ====
 * libraw1394 merge (bug #311804)
 * smart sync (bug #375996)
 * libgcrypt11 merge (bug #364535)

==== Specs ====
 * MultiarchSpec drafted

==== Misc ====
 * Monday archive duties

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